Benefits of Vaping

Anyone who’s ever tried an e-cig already knows the myriad of ways this technology is superior to cigarettes. It’s really a no-brainer decision once you’ve tried it. Most everyone starts off with the disposables and most progress to a more refined approach to enjoying their favorite past-time. Gone are the days of lurking around work or home to get in a few puffs, smelling like a burnout, and injecting a staggering number of harsh chemicals into your body each time you go for a smoke. It’s truly a horrible habit. Lucky for us the future has arrived! You can now get the same enjoyment or fix of smoking a cigarette without all of the “extra” stuff the tobacco companies add.

Here we will present to you some of the benefits of vaping vs. smoking a cigarette




You will reap the benefits of a life without cigarettes and cigarette smoke            No alienation from non-smokers
Your health will immediately improve                                                                            More date options with the opposite sex
Your taste and smell will return to normal                                                                     No fire
Your resting heart rate is reduced by 20%                                                                     No smoke      
Most enjoy the transition from cigarettes to vaping.                                                     No ash
Most people are able to quit smoking cigarettes completely and forever               No lighters
Improved balance                                                                                                              No ashtrays
Improved reaction time                                                                                                     No smell
Improved eye sight                                                                                                            No harmful chemicals
Improved concentration                                                                                                    No tar
Improved blood circulation                                                                                               No Carbon Monoxide
Improved immune system                                                                                               No lead
Improved appetite                                                                                                       None of the other 4000 toxins found in cigarettes
Improved insurance rates                                                                                                No smoke breaks
You will be more productive                                                                                             Nobody bumming smokes off you
You will breathe easier                                                                                                      No cigarette butts
You will have more energy                                                                                           No littering the environment with cigarette butts
You will drink more water                                                                                       You won’t need to bum a light, just a power source.
You will save a lot of money
You spend more time with loved ones
You wont be a bad influence on kids
Your car won’t stink
Your clothes won't stink
You won't stink